PINK Nails Products

I always strive to use the industry’s best tried-and-tested products in my business, so you always know that whatever is used on your skin and nails, whether privately or in the session world, is of the highest salon quality. In this post I will talk about the “private clients” side of my business and my most popular treatment- gel polish!

When I joined the nail industry in 2010, I didn’t know it, but it was around the same time as the launch of CND Shellac, the product that revolutionised the nail industry and took nails from a service for the few, to a universal treatment for everyone. A nail technician became a job in its own right rather than just an extension of the beauty industry and led to a boom in manicurists training. It was the start of the nail industry as we know it today and it was a very exciting time to be involved!

Since the invention and success of Shellac, many other brands have followed suit and released a line of gel polish: every professional brand and many not so professional. Of course, whilst the principles of gel polish are the same across the brands, they are certainly not all created equal (that is another story for another day!) I have had the opportunity to try several professional brands over my time in the industry, and whilst there are many good ones out there and a few I really like and occasionally use, I have largely stuck to just one brand.

So rest assured, when you book with PINK Nails, you will not have dangerous eBay fakes or Chinese knock-offs used on your hands, but the original (and best!) CND Shellac.

As any nail professional knows, this is (to my knowledge) the single most expensive gel polish on the market, but for me, you cannot put a price on an effortless, quick and damage-free removal process which I have never seen beaten anywhere else.